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Welcome! - Get your tickets 🎫🎮 !

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Welcome everyone!

Thank you for pre-joining our jam site! Here is some important information about how our jam will go down :D

    • Jam Site Description:
      Introducing our Global Game Jam 2024 site, held at Concordia University, Montreal. We're doing a 48 hour jam in-person, and the opening ceremony and first night will be held at the JMSB room 3.430. Join us for lots of fun and a great way to develop your skills in game dev. All Quebec students and alumni are welcome to join. We hope to make great games and experiences for any student looking to get into the game making world, no matter the experience level or background.

      If you would like to participate in-person, *please ensure that you buy a ticket since there is limited space*!! If you would like to participate online, you should still get a ticket (free), so you can join the GGJ discord server (and so we can award you with a jam participation badge on our official discord server!)
      Get your ticket here:

      Please join our Discord for updates and registration if you haven't yet! You can also ask your questions here! You will be asked to join a separate discord server during the ticket-buying process specifically for this jam (so join both!)
      Join our main Discord here:

      We will also be having an site so that you can keep these projects on your profiles (for portfolio purposes).
      Join our itch page here:

      Day 1: Friday
      6:30pm - arrive, find your team, get set up
      7:00pm - opening ceremony + message from dot big bang
      7:28pm - theme "reveal"
      7:30pm - jam starts
      8:00pm - pizza & drinks
      10:00pm - university closes, Concordia students can move to the library but you are recommended to get some sleep!

      Day 2: Saturday
      10:00am - doors open again
      12:00am - coffee, tea & brunch snacks! [☕🍌]
      10:00pm - university closes again

      Day 3: Sunday
      10:00am - doors open again
      12:00am - coffee, tea & brunch snacks! [☕🍎]
      5:30pm - start building and submitting your game!
      7:30pm - jam submissions end
      8:00pm - closing ceremony!
      9:00pm - end

      -- Reminder about use of the room
      Keep in mind that the building closes at 11pm so we will be shutting down our room by around 10pm, but if you are a Concordia student you are welcome to head to the library across the street (take the underground tunnel!) which is open 24/7. But I would actually recommend you go home and sleep, crunching is actually not that much fun and you can think better with more sleep :)

      ☑️ What to bring

      1. Your laptop, drawing tablet, any charging cords for devices. We will have power outlets / extension cords, but not many, so be prepared to bring anything required for the usage of your devices.

      2. Water bottle. We'll have various soft drinks but you should still stay hydrated, there are water fountains around.

      3. Notebooks or pens. We'll actually have writing materials for you but if you have a certain way of brainstorming then bring that too!

      4. Your openness and great ideas! The goal is to learn as much as it is to have fun.

      -- About the building & jam
      If you need a quiet space to work you are welcome to set up in a nearby classroom that is not being used, though we don't have those booked. Just keep an eye on your Discord for notifications about food and whatnot.
      There is a gender neutral washroom on our floor, with water fountains as well to fill up your bottle.
      If you have any problems with anything just bring it to us, we'll be there the whole time.
      The trash bins are not replaced by the University on weekends. Please be respectful of the space by picking up your trash, and find other trash bins if the ones by the classroom are getting full. Thanks!

      ​-- Extension cords/power bars!
      We'll bring as many as we can but you are encouraged to bring your own too with a label on it if you know your laptop can't run without power.

      -- Important reminders
      Please note that you MUST have a paid ticket to get in and we'll prioritize ticket holders for tables & food. You can still participate and submit something if you don't have a ticket, but we can't guarantee any seats / food for you without one.

      --About food
      We'll be serving a pizza dinner on Friday, a classic game jam choice, with some bevs. If you indicated on your ticket that you have dietary restrictions already, we'll be contacting you before the jam for your preferences (if required). Saturday and Sunday morning there will be fresh coffee and a kettle for tea, with some brunchy snacks. The rest of the time, the food is up to you but there are tons of places nearby. For those who don't frequent the Concordia area:

      You can get Tim Hortons in the metro via the tunnel
      McDonalds is just down the street next to the library, or A&W is next door
      There are some really cheap asian food places in the Faubourg building (like $13 for a massive meal)
      Olivia's Chicken is insanely good and also next to the library
      Cocktail Hawaii is this breakfast/dessert place that is open until like 3am next door and is usually not busy (they are really nice)
      or ask the staff for some recommendations!
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      English (English)

      French (Français)

      Age Restrictions
      Entrance Fee
      In-person: $10 CAD
      Maximum Capacity
      Jam opening ceremony 7pm Friday, open from 10am-10pm Saturday & Sunday
      Who Can Participate
      Students in Quebec or alumni
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      Drinks and Snacks
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      Access to coffee/beverages and/or food in close vicinity

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