Past Games

A Devil and an angel must work together to keep the world in harmony. The goal of the game is to create the shapes shown on the top right corner (matching shape and color).
Space Goblins is a space scavenger game where you need to find a specific item in a spaceship protected by robots.
You're a neuropsychologist that need to fix patient's problem after diagnosing them
After your car breaks down in a swell suburb, the friendly residents invite you to a neighborhood barbecue. Only problem is, you're on the menu!
Robots have been hired to work for the fire department.... but they're not fireproof! Guide 4 highly specialized bots through a burning apartment building.
Revolutionnary new board game
Gutsy is a very organic 2d platformer... After a busy life as a business executive, our protagonist is finally discovering the joy of retirement. Following a long forgotten dream of his youth, he flies to the Caribbean to take his first scuba diving lesson! The only thing is, He is not the only thing swimming that day...
Saplings is a title intended for the PC and Mac platform. The game is a third person puzzle platformer, where the player must modify the environment by planting special seeds that grow through generations. The game observes the story of a clan member and his descendants as they set out to follow an ancient path left by their forefathers, using plants to modify the environment that will allow the next generation (when grown) to reach previously inaccessible platforms.
FADE is a tile based puzzle game in the vein of pipe-dream, with a high-stakes sensory twist.