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  • dotbigbang

    Started in 2016 by four friends with the aim of letting anyone make a game, dot big bang is an online platform that enables people to play, make, and share games, on any device, instantly! It’s grown into a fully-featured browser-based game making platform. Seamless cross-play and real-time collaborative editing works on all devices, with no install. Playing and creating on dot big bang is free, with future plans to let creators equitably earn money from their work. We’ll enable creators to sell cosmetic items to players and sell objects, scripts and templates to other creators. dot big bang is also free for teachers, with an education programme in development. dot big bang is – and will remain – crypto-free and NFT-free.

    Try it out at Our docs and API are here. You can stay up to date via our social media, and talk to the developers on Discord!


  • GitHub

    GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, to create the world’s most important technologies—from games and experiments to popular frameworks and leading applications. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.

  • ReadSpeaker

    ReadSpeaker is a digital voice innovator offering flexible game engine voice authoring tools that save developers time and effort throughout their project pipeline.
    With the groundbreaking runtime plugin release in early 2022, game developers can seamlessly integrate one core text-to-speech (TTS) functionality across all major consoles and operating systems for their games.
    This cross-platform compatibility eliminates the need for redundant work in redoing TTS sample creation with different platform-tied systems, allowing developers to instead focus on creating captivating game experiences.

    What sets ReadSpeaker apart is the combination of this cross-platform convenience with a rich feature set.
    Our plugin empowers developers to use offline AI voices, custom character voices, and offers a choice of 115+ voices in over 40 languages.
    It's a one-stop embedded solution that helps enhance player immersion and accessibility while streamlining the development process.
    With ReadSpeaker, your game will not only speak for itself but also reach new capability heights of engagement and inclusivity.

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  • Code to Inspire

    Code to Inspire (CTI) uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality. We build skills and infrastructure for women to compete in the global tech market, empowering them financially and socially. As role models for other young Afghan women, CTI graduates demonstrate that women are capable of adding value to their communities far beyond simple housework.


    Get ready for Global Games Pitch — Mobile Games in November! --

    It’s an international online pitching event where you’ll have a chance to get your game noticed by publishers and investors from all over the world. 

    -- You'll get access to the database of publishers and investors and an opportunity to write to them directly
    -- You will get access to Knowledge Base and pitching tips

    -- You’ll join the updated pitching & matchmaking online platform that works all year round

    -- You’ll get access to online webinars from top industry experts

    -- The event is 100% online, so you can pitch from wherever you are

    -- With a PRO pass, you will get feedback from experienced mentors on your game before the event.

    Global Games Pitch is a great opportunity to tell the world about your project and get valuable pieces of advice on how to make it a hit.

    Get your chance to grab the attention of the leading industry experts now.
    Tickets are already available at 

    Don’t miss the opportunity!

  • InGame Job

    INGAME JOB is an online platform with a vast array of job opportunities within the games industry. Our mission is to create a safe and friendly environment for connecting games industry professionals with potential employers. Moreover, the platform provides valuable insights on prevailing salary ranges, upcoming conferences, and specialized courses.

  • JCI

    JCI is a leadership development organization for people aged 18 to 40. It is present in 105 countries with 200.000 members.

    You can develop your abilities in entrepreneurship, networking, communication and changemaking accessing the JCI Masterclasses here:

    If you are an entrepreneur (18-40) starting February 20th you can participate in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Competition with a prize of 5.000 USD at area level and 10.000 USD at global level! Get an account and submit your business plan at

  • Plan of Attack

    Plan of Attack is a communications agency specialising in video games. Working with the right media at the right time, we help organisations - from global industry leaders to bedroom developers - tell their story and generate the most value from their projects.

  • Values Value

    Values Value is a team of game development talent acquisition experts. Since 2017 we have assembled a team of awesome professionals with executive-level experience in HR and game development. The company was founded in Kyiv and is owned and managed by 6 women. We’ve been working totally remotely since the first day. Our team is 20 people strong and works from home offices in Germany, Cyprus, Latvia, Moldova, Italy, Croatia and Ukraine.