• 2 July 2020

    You’re invited to an AMA!

    Live on Zoom on Sunday, 5 July, the Global Game Jam board hosted an Ask Me (or rather Us) Anything live on Zoom at 12:00 (noon) Los Angeles / 20:00 London / 5:00 Tokyo. We picked times which were late for Europe and early for Asia/Pacific, but we are happy to have feedback on this moving forward as this will be the first of many such AMAs, aiming to conduct them quarterly.

  • 26 June 2020

    Black Lives Matter.

    This is a statement which should be self-evident to everyone everywhere, including the Global Game Jam. Equality and a commitment to diversity are at the core of the Global Game Jam, although we, as an org, haven’t made an official statement saying as much until now.

  • 23 June 2020

    We all coexist in a complex world. While the majority of us strive to live, work, and play together openly and constructively, despite our differing worldviews, unfortunately we also realize that there are individuals throughout our societies who are unable to transcend their biases and behaviors and choose to inflict their worldview on others.

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