• 5 November 2018

    Your Regional Organiser (RO) team are back are ready to help This year we have more volunteers than ever making up this fantastic, diverse and talented team, meaning we can cover even more of the globe for this years Global Game Jam.

    Help us to welcome these hard working volunteers, and thank them for their invaluable support.

  • 10 October 2018

    We are extremely happy to announce the return of the Global Game Jam scholarship program, kicking off with an official partnership with the GDC conference, we are able to offer 25 "Conference + Summits" passes to our jammers, organisers, and volunteers!

    We encourage everyone from the GGJ community to apply, especially if you have never had the chance to go to GDC before, or you come from an underrepresented region of the world that normally don’t get their voices heard within a games industry context.

New Locations

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