Andres Felipe Gonzalez

Past Games

Crater its a Metroidvania, Action and Plataform Game, whose main inspiration is precisely Super Metroid mixed with Fallout After the fall of a meteor that devastated almost the entire planet, what
The planet is in great danger, suffering damage dealt by natural disasters and is your job as "Almighty" to protect the people.
After Party is a local cooperative game for up to four players, the goal: to organize all the mess caused by the party last night before your parents get home.
You control a powerful ninja TV who needs to collect four pieces of video to deliver an important message at the goal of the level, but each time you collect a piece, it makes you lose a special habli
Prisma is a puzzle-platform game, where the player is a thief who wants to steal the mystical prism at the top of the Prisma Corporation.
On a starred night, a Colombian Shaman plays a drum song while many rhytmic spirits descend to break the guardian stone statues of the forest. Each statue has a button and a bonfire.