Carleton School of Information Technology GGJ24 announcements

Theme and Diversifiers (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

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Hi everyone.

The 2024 diversifiers:
These are optional features and challenges for you to incorporate.

The theme and keynote talks are out. Look only if you want to get ready before Friday. We will treat it as secret on the 26th and play the video:  The theme is shown at the end of the video (22:15). As usual, it is up to you to interpret the theme.

GGJ Teaser

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GGJ Official Teaser is now available:

The theme will be posted this weekend. 

Remember that our Jam starts officially on Friday, Jan 26th, at 5pm, when we show the theme video. You have complete flexibility in planning your Jam experience: start this weekend or wait till the 26th. You can also start some planning but leave the actual work to the 48-hour period (26-28th). The point is to have a fun and healthy time. Whatever works for you :-)

Updates for Jan 15

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Hi. Three important links are posted to the Links channel of the Discord server:

  1. Required Sign-in Form: Print/sign and bring to the Jam or email to [email protected]

  2. GGJ Participant Information: What you need to know about location, schedule, and activities

  3. GGJ on Twitch: 5 days of streaming content from our community and sponsors starts today (Jan 15)

Welcome to CSIT GGJ-24

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you all on January 26th.

Please make sure you join the Discord server (, where we do our communication, including instructions to Jammers.