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The GGJ 2024 Diversifiers are here!

GGJ Diversifiers. Globe with yellow lines coming off connecting to a lightbulb and a gear icon.

The moment you have all been waiting for! With just over a week to go before the jam begins, we are delighted to bring you the GGJ 2024 Diversifiers!

We hope that they will spark your creativity to start thinking of ideas you could apply to your GGJ games.

We could not have come up with this awesome list without your submissions. A big thanks to our Diversifier Committee for going through all of them and selecting the final list for GGJ 2024: Ian Hamilton, Tim Cullings, and Oleksii Izvalov.

Diversifiers are a great way to add more fun or a challenge to your jam weekend. Sometimes they can be very helpful to limit your scope or refine your ideas. They are totally optional constraints you can choose to add to your GGJ game alongside the main focus of the theme. It can help your game stand out from the crowd, and you can choose up to 4 when you submit! This year's diversifiers will also be available in other languages, which will be linked to this post as soon as they are ready.

The translated version of the diversifiers can be accessed via the language buttons under this post's title. Some languages missing from the Translate menu can be found here: CzechGermanBulgarianGreek


Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang): It’s been a tough year for games. Create a game that shows that even when things are looking down, the player will never give up.

Game with Friends (Sponsored by Hathora): "Use Hathora with any game engine to create an online dedicated server multiplayer game. Top 4 submissions as decided by the Hathora team will receive an extra $500 credit on Hathora for future multiplayer game development!

Try Hathora here and join our Discord to troubleshoot anything. We recommend trying to deploy with one of our sample games BEFORE the jam begins to ensure the smoothest sailing for submitting your game so you don’t get stuck at the end."

Full of Beans (Sponsored by Tranzfuser): Baked beans are a British delicacy that when used in this turn of phrase represent enthusiasm and energy. The final game should incorporate elements of this British saying, be it abstract, literal or something in-between. We are looking to be feeling “Full of Beans” after playing it! Only use this diversifier if your team is based/working in the UK.

Elevate Your Game with ReadSpeaker (Sponsored by ReadSpeaker) - The ReadSpeaker plugin package is tailor-made to give you a unique power-up allowing for increased accessible design in your GGJ 2024 game development journey. By incorporating ReadSpeaker’s offline AI voice generator, you can seamlessly add dynamic runtime voice dialogue, enhance player immersion, and make your games more inclusive for all players.

Impactful play - (Sponsored by Merge gameplay with environmental impact. Transform your game into a Play-to-Impact model by implementing’s environmental rewards, contributing to wildlife habitat protection, and boosting your game's KPIs, all while impacting positively the environment! Join us to blend gaming with real-world environmental impact.

Sharing is caring   - (Sponsored by Github): Share the source code for your submission in a public GitHub repository and list the URL on your submission page.

Explore the possibilities - (Sponsored by Leonardo.Ai): Create an asset using Leonardo.Ai’s creative suite and show it off in your game! Whether that’s making concept art for characters, finished environments or variations of your own artwork. Our tools will help you generate, enhance and edit images and 3D textures using the power of AI; see how AI can help fuel your creativity and speed up your pipeline. There's $250 CASH + $600 worth of Leonardo.Ai subscriptions up for grabs for you and your team! Plus get your game promoted in our official Global Game Jam article when the challenge concludes! Register here

Storytelling through audio - (Sponsored by WeLoveIndies): Use sound and music to shape the idea and dramaturgy of your game. Strive for a rich, vibrant sound world. Balance between realism and creativity.


Harmonius: A music or rhythm game that is still playable without sound.

Lunch Special: Your game can be played with one hand. The other hand is free to hold your sandwich.

What you don't know can't help you: The game has accessibility considerations for disabled players, and they're listed on the game's info page on the GGJ site.


Coal Miner: Use only charcoal (in any form) to make all the game’s art.

Full Steam Ahead: On Janury 1st, 2024, "Steamboat Willie" Mickey Mouse will enter the Public Domain. Walt Disney will no longer hold copyrights to Micky Mouse... So, are you ready to make a game about Mickey? With Mickey? On Mickey's boat? Using that old-school black-and-white style? DISCLAIMER: the copyright will expire for "Steamboat Willie" only, not later versions of Mickey Mouse.

Woodstock vibes: The art of your game is done in psychedelic style.


Mouthing Off: "Audio is an important part of game design, but with so many DAWs and midi keyboards to choose from, it can be hard to choose! So we're going back to basics!

 For this diversifier, every bit of audio in your game must be made with your mouth! Singing, beatboxing, and little lip smacks for impact are all allowed and encouraged!

You may still use software to trim the audio files as needed, but they should not be artificially created. Good Luck!"

Perspective: "At least some of the gameplay involves listening through different and/or multiple listener perspective(s). 

Few Gameplay examples: 

  • setting up multiple microphones to record a virtual concert
  • spy with furtive microphones and cameras to spot enemies movements.
  • simulate the physic behind microphone placement and multichannel recording constraints, turning the game into an interactive educational tool"

White Noise: All sound effects and music must be generated by editing white noise.


Modern Blacksmith: Create a tool for game development.

QuickDraw: No frame rendered in the game can have more than 50 draw calls.

Vocation Rotation: Challenge your team to swap their usual roles - let the artists dive into the world of coding, and the coders bring their creativity to art. Unleash new talents and unexpected innovations by stepping outside your comfort zone!


Koselig: Incorporate the Norwegian cultural concept of koselig into your game, referring to the warm feeling of closeness and coziness one gets when they’re with someone they care deeply about. Koselig is a quality that can be ascribed to moments, items, situations and people. It encompasses comfort, generosity, coziness, contentment, intimacy, friendliness and softness.

Moon & Swoon: The moon is a significant element in many cultures. Adopt it into your game in some way, either through art or narrative."

We Just Call Them Wings (Cultural from Buffalo, NY, US): Your game features local food and cuisine and highlights how local folks enjoy it.


Buttering Biscuits!: A key mechanic in your game revolves around the proliferation of baked goods.

Carry on my Wayward Fun: "A single player game with an express goal to pass the play session on to new players and have them continue the same playthrough."

Multidevice: Make a game where you play using two devices. E.g. laptop and phone at the same time.


All For One: Everyone at your jam site must contribute to your game in some way.

One Sheet, One Game: Your entire game fits on a single A4 sheet of paper, front and back. Upload as a PDF and printable for play.

Out of many, one: Incorporate themes from at least two prior GGJs in addition to this year's theme in designing your game


Art of the Tank: Provide rewards for players that lose.

Based on a True Story: The game is based on a real-life experience of one of the developers 

Forrest Gump: The character only has the "Yes" option in all dialogues with NPCs.