Carleton School of Information Technology GGJ24


    • GGJ at CSIT is open to everyone 18 years of age or older. A computer lab is available with equipment, and you can bring your own devices too with wifi access. No food is served but food vendors are available on campus. Staying overnight is discouraged and sleeping in the lab is not allowed. Parking is not free and public transit is available and recommended. Registration is through the GGJ website. Friday 3-5 pm is for signing in and setting up. Event starts at 5 pm. Sunday 3-5 pm is for upload and demos.
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      English (English)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
      Available Tools or Technology
      Common computer lan software
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      Accessible Public Transport
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      Completely Non Smoking
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      Food in Vacinity

      Access to coffee/beverages and/or food in close vicinity

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      Quiet Space

      Has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas

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