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Don Jancito Workchop

Don Jacinto is a Mexican immigrant that has the knowledge and skill to fix anything from everywhere, even if he hasn't seen such things before! T...

Goo-Goo Gauntlet
Goo-Goo Gauntlet

There is nothing more funny than witnessing a horrible, cute, random, and entertaining event. An engaging fighting game designed to make the audience ...

Logo and welcome screen of "Ayudando ando"
Ayudando Ando

"Ayudando Ando" es un juego de realidad aumentada (AR) diseñado para dos jugadores que se unen para realizar reparaciones y mejoras en un en...


Co-op game of 2 people where one has the game instructions and the other has to complete tasks to take care of Bartolo Chicken Pollo for 6 days...


It's the Pug Kingdom and you are the Arlepug, your work is to entertain your Pugesty, particularly to make it laugh. One day, your Pugesty made y...