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Don Jancito Workchop


Spanish (Español)

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Don Jacinto is a Mexican immigrant that has the knowledge and skill to fix anything from everywhere, even if he hasn't seen such things before! To grow in the US, he started his own business, where people seek his help to fix stuff. Help Don Jacinto in his business and fix everything! but be careful, everything can be fixed with a certain pattern, but too much tries can destroy the items!

Aurelio Balli (AlbusXwill) - Code, design
Adrián Rangel (developeration1) - Code, UI/UX, 2D assets, animations
Angela Cavazos (AngelaDessu) - 3D assets, 2D assets
Zara López (Confettari) - 2D assets

Guest Artists (Thank you so much!)
Ismael Campos
Alejandra Treviño
Fernando Martínez
Luna Ramos