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Ventriloquist Hero

  • A ventriloquist in shadow holding a big bird dummy
  • A ventriloquist in shadow holding a dummy of a woman
  • A an open suitcase containing two ventriloquist dummies

English (English)

Spanish (Español)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
All For One
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Make your audience laugh! Give them the greatest ventriloquism performance they've ever seen.

You've already prepared a helpful breakdown of your set with notes for what to say and, more importantly, what to do, and when. All you have to do now is match your dummy's gestures with your notes at the right time and you'll be golden. Go get them, champ!

Cursor movement → Hand
Left click → Mouth
Right click → Eyebrows

F → Fullscreen
M → Toggle sound

Proudly made in the ExOf site in Buenos Aires, Argentina: