Mer Grazzini

Past Games

Dokkudikku is a platform game where we change reality to beat the levels. Dikku was tasked with cleaning up the museum of the universe this millennium, but they inadvertently knocked over the spher
Un juego sobre un grupo de animales autóctonos argentinos que intentan recuperar la selva incendiada por los malévolos señores de traje. No se pierde lo que se recupera.
You're the jungle couples counsellor, and your job is to mend the often toxic relationships of your primate friends.
When you have sleeping problems, and you're haunted by nightmares, maybe all you have to do is ask your friends for help! Chat with your friends in your RPG-like city, and then use their gifts a
Is a game about a man who goes back to the house where he lived and he revives some memories. Controls: left and right arrows or A and D, and left control
Based on a real experience happened in this jam, this is a game made in the last hour, about learning songs by watching other people play.
When an army of furious alien birds attacks, you can only pray for Hamdala to apeace the invaders and continue living safely.
El juego trata sobre un músico que toca en las calles, y trata de darle buena onda a los transeúntes.
English: A short story about a girl whose dad used to take to the beach to pick up shells. Click on the shells before the waves wash them away. Most texts seem to only display in Chrome.
Tired of an angry life in the city, Don Ramón orders a Meditation Kit in hopes that he may become one with everything. But as he tries to concentrate, several disturbing "distractions" and
Basado en una leyenda Quechua, el personaje debe recolectar ciertos ingredientes para realizar el ritual que invocará al dios Amaru, que podría ayudar a combatir la sequía que azota a su pueblo.
A bunch of little creatures crave for a delicious exotic fruit which hangs from palms and trees, however, they are unable to reach them on their own.
The character will find different masks through the game. When he uses them, they will alter the escenario. It is necessary to use each mask in a certain order to advance though the levels.