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Circus Carnage

  • Testing Carnival Carnage on Gameboy
  • In game action - Work In Progress
    Work in Progress

English (English)

Living next to a circus might sound like a dream, but not for Barry Brawls. The constant noise of clown horns or lion’s roars kept him wide awake. This time, he had enough.

Armed with frustration and a strong desire for silence, Barry crashed the circus party. With his trusty fists and a determination for peace, he was about to confront each performer - nobody would be spared in his quest for silence.

Join Barry Brawls on a chaotic rampage through “Circus Carnage”

A: RIght Punch
B: Left Punch
D-Pad: Block

Z: RIght Punch
X: Left Punch
Arrows: Block
Installation Instructions
It's a GameBoy rom file. Please find an emulator to open it.