Past Games

Things went south when a taoist priestess and a catholic nun argued what to do with a captured vampire. This is an isometric shooting game with characters dueling inside a kaleidoscope 3d labyrinth.
On the pale lunar surface of apparent emptiness, there are hostle unidentifiable horror roaming, huntering for victims.
Edward Norton Lorenz, also known as a pioneer of the Chaos Theory became mad after trying to explain the Butterfly effect.
Zhong Kui 鐘馗, s a figure of Chinese mythology. Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings.
It's a first person game designed for Google Cardboard. You are a silent leader of a group of NPCs. You have to control them to avoid dangers, with just head gesture.
Blind Man's Bluff is a game that casts the player away on a journey to find the secret treasure on a desert island. As a blind pirate, you must see through sound and navigate difficult terrain.
Genre: Party Game Platform: Mobile Max. Player: 6 To avoid people play on their own mobile phone when meeting up. A mobile party game is invented to help a group of people to interact when hanging out together. Players need to find out how many people are trapped in a disaster scene. Player has 15 sec each, use one finger to touch and scan various location of the scene to count how many heart beat sources are hidden in the scene. If player places his finger near to a source, he will hear heat beat. Then player has to input the number of people he finds in the end of the 15 seconds section. Before the next player, player can remove and replace with other ambient noise to distract the next player. When all the players finished, a result will be shown and see who has counted the most accurate number of people in the scene. Player must NOT tell other players the answer before the game ends.