GGJ 2024 Hong Kong

    • Dear Jammers,

      Over 16 thousand jammers in 759 jam sites in 99 countries participated in Global Game Jam 2024. It is another unique experience in Hong Kong. We had a virtual GGJ + Physical Closing Ceremony at Cyberarena, Cyberport. Hong Kong was the 14th biggest among these locations, with 202 jammers, both students and professional game designers, creating 50 games remotely over the past weekend. During the 144-hour jam, a global theme was announced, teams formed, and an entire game development cycle was completed from ideation to testing, including art design, programming, game design, sound design, user interface design, and testing. This year's theme was the word “Make Me Laugh”.

      The award for Best Party Game is "Father, Make Me Laugh". Thanks, Department of Computing, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Scene Development Award is "Giggle King". Thanks, Department of Computing, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Dynamic Content Game is "Chicken or the Egg? 雞先定蛋先?". Thanks, Joystick, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Mixed Reality Game is "笑穴江湖". Thanks, Hong Kong 3D Printing Association, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Original Game is "Peekassoo". Thanks, Kowloon Nights & Kepler, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Competitive Game is "Cluck Cluck". Thanks, Earthling, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Serious Game is "The Executioner". Thanks, Press Start Studios, for supporting us.
      The award for Best Board Game is "The Laughing Cure". Thanks, Capstone Board Game, for supporting us.

      The event in Hong Kong was organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Cyberport. Six other institutions of higher education supported the event. Game Dev Happy Hour, iOS Club, and Meta12 were the Supporting Organizations of the event. Press Start Studios, Earthling, Kowloon Nights & Kepler, Capstone Boardgame, Hong Kong 3D Printing Association, and Joystick sponsored the event. All games created during the GGJHK, together with videos, are available at

      Jammers please make sure you uploaded your YouTube link and game file to your game page so everyone can see. Photos (if any) from the event will be located on our Facebook page For more photos or any other inquiries, please contact [email protected]

      Thank you and Goodbye 😊


      PeterGGJ HK 2024 will be held hybrid (22 to 28 Jan 2024)

      22 to 28 January – Hybrid

      Schedule for GGJHK 2024

      Monday, January 22
      8 pm, YouTube
       Opening Ceremony
       Welcome, theme, rule, and prize announcement
       The recorded video will be provided on YouTube

      8 pm, N002, PolyU (Optional, Registration is required before 18 January)
       Gathering Team Formation

      8:30 pm, Discord and Metaverses
       Gathering Team Formation

      Wednesday, January 24
       Sharing by Joystick (
       3:30pm, Zoom
      Meeting ID: 913 1031 9524
      Passcode: 043659

      Friday, January 26, PolyU (Optional)
      9:30pm, N101 & N102, PolyU (Optional, Registration is required before 23 January)
       Physical Space for game development
       9:30pm, January 26 (Friday) to 6:00am, January 28 (Sunday)

      Sunday, January 28, CyberArena, Cyberport
      9 -10 am
       Deadline for registering all projects on GGJ global site
       Deadline for uploading Game Project and 1-min video to GGJ global site
       Deadline for registration of the project on Google form
       Setup at CyberArena
       Gathering, Rehearsal, Trouble shooting, Q&A

      1pm, CyberArena, Cyberport
       1-min Physical Presentation (Award will be given to those jammers who can do the physical presentation)

      4pm, CyberArena, Cyberport
       Award Presentation

      6pm, CyberArena, Cyberport
       Function End

       The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
       Cyberport
       Kowloon Nights
       Kelper
       Joystick
       Press Start Studios
       Earthing
       Capstone Board Game
       Hong Kong 3D Printing Association
       Department of Computing

       Peter Ng
      Committee Member
       Stephen Wong
       Annie Tsim
       Zackary Sin
       Ken Tai
       Peter Chen
       Max Cher
       Max Bai
       Winnie Leung
       Yuanzhe Zhang
       Harvey MAO
       Hayley Gu
       Jason Yao
       Riddle Dou
       JunLing Xu
       Lu Haoxin
       Jiajian Li
       Yining Zhang
       Sylar DAI
       LIU YUCHEN
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      Chinese, Traditional (繁體中文)

      Chinese, Simplified (简体中文)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Open for entire 48 hours (Optional in PolyU)
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