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Getting to DigiPen

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The time has come, we are two days away from the big event. If you are jamming with us at DigiPen, here are your instructions for a smooth arrival.

1. Parking: You may park in any spot that says dP around the entire building, meaning the front and the back. Please do not park in "reserved" spaces.

Photo of the Jam Space from 2020
    • Friday 3:30pm / Doors Open / Bytes Cafe: Setup your workspace, eat pizza, and greet the other jammers! But please be considerate: classes will still be running!

      Friday 5pm / Pizza / Bytes Cafe

      Friday 6pm / Kick Off / Plato Auditorium: To start the jam, we'll be having our kickoff, sharing advice and announcing the Very Secret Jam Theme. The kickoff will also be streamed on our Discord!!

      Friday 7pm / Brainstorm Ideas and Form Teams / Plato Auditorium: After hearing the Very Secret Jam Theme, we'll all hang around and figure out what we want to work on. Take your time to vibe on the theme, brainstorm different ideas, and meet different folks. We'll be hosting an open-mic pitch session around this time.

      Saturday / Jam: Work on your game!! You can work with your friends at DigiPen (east-side) or AIE (west-side). DigiPen will be open for the full 48 hours, and AIE will be open for 9 hours on Saturday from 10am to 7pm. You can also work virtually over our Discord!

      Sunday 5pm / Upload your Game: Just before the end of the jam, you'll need to upload your game artifacts to These artifacts include: 1) a playable build of your game, 2) a youtube video of your game, 3) some screenshots of your game, and 4) a picture of your team.

      Sunday 5pm / Celebrate: You did it!! Eat and drink and make merry.

      Sunday 6pm / Presenting your Game: At the end of the jam, we'll be sharing our work at the final presentations! We will play your youtube video. You and your team are welcome to talk about your game while the video is playing. If your video is longer than 4 minutes, you will be cut off. The final presentations will be streamed on Twitch!

      === Friday, January 26th ===
      5:00pm / Doors open. Sign-in & Set-up! Pizza!!!
      6:00pm / Kickoff Presentations
      7:30pm / Brainstorm Ideas & Form Teams

      === Sunday, January 28th ===
      5:00pm / Submission Deadline
      5:00pm / Pizza!!
      6:00pm / Final Presentations

      Hygiene: We ask you to keep up good hygiene during the weekend, using deodorant and brushing your teeth. We will provide various personal care items for jammers to use available at the volunteer desks, so please take and use as much as you need. We do not have any showering facilities, so either go home and wash, or look for a local option.

      Code of Conduct: We are an inclusive and welcoming community for everyone. By attending our events, you agree to follow the Seattle Indies Code of Conduct and Notice of Filming and Photography.

      Liability: Don’t break anything and we’ll have no issues. We are not responsible for you or your possessions. Please use the buddy system if you are fearful of theft. The patrons of Pacific Science Center will be exploring the area during normal business hours. We have had no issues yet, but we also cannot assume any liability.

      Food will be provided at both AIE and DigiPen. There are also plenty of local options for food!
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      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
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      Open 48 Hours
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      Completely Non Smoking
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      Quiet Space

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