Past Games

“No-Scoped!!” is a top-notch action roguelite and persistent cross-platform MMO with procedurally generated elements and photo-realistic graphics!
DESCRIPTION: In else { return home; } you play as a robot, alone in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, in this first-person explore-em-up.
An experiment in real-time server-authoritative networking between web clients within a Twitch Extension. So, yeah, it's really just a glorified tech demo.
It's an arcade-style beat-em-up, but instead of playing as the heroic dragon monk, you play as the waves and waves of shadow demons.
A turn-based top-down game about sacrificing monsters to earn favor with the deities. Use either the arrow keys or WASD to move around. If can kill monsters by moving into them.
A game of combat and exploration throughout the depths of the galaxy! Build your own starship using the scrap from other vessels. It was inspired by Captain Forever.
A multiplayer game for three to five players. One of the players is the operative, who has been ordered to obliterate all the other players.