Ōtautahi Christchurch 2024

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    • It's time for Global Game Jam 2024!

      We are back at the University of Canterbury and looking forward to seeing everyone jam together again. This is an in-person jam, but should you have any health concerns, participating hybrid/online is alright; please message us when you register if you plan to attend online.

      Please register on our Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/christchurchgamedevelopers/events/297894228/

      The event is free.

      Registration will begin at 5pm on Friday the 26th. The theme will be announced by 7pm and 'Pencils down' will be around 6pm on Sunday the 28th. Official schedule to come!

      Note: There are other NZ sites. This meetup event page is for the Christchurch site.

      Can I bring code, art assets, sounds, etc .with me to the jam?
      Yes, you may bring pre-existing resources with you, such as engines, code, art, sounds, etc., but don’t come with a game already made. In the spirit of the jam, it's about what you create with your team in line with the theme.

      What's the official hashtag for Global Game Jam 2024?
      #GGJ24. We also encourage using #chchgamedev for our site.

      Do I need to come to Global Game Jam with a team already formed?
      No, you don’t. Ideally, everyone forms teams on the Friday (we will facilitate this in person), and from there gets the chance to work with some new collaborators! You will have some time to think about and pitch ideas. Make new friends or jam with peers you admire.

      Do I need any special skills to participate in the Jam?
      Although having computer skills is helpful, experience is not necessary. Designers, developers, artists, and anyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game during the jam. Even if you have no experience at all, you can still participate by contributing ideas, play-testing, and giving moral support to your team. You could work on a non-digital game, and then there's no need for code!

      Is the jam only for professionals?
      Not at all. Everyone is welcome.

      Who owns the Intellectual Property of a game made during the jam?
      The team/makers of the game hold all the IP rights. However, GGJ retains a copy of the source and game, making it available for public download for non-commercial use to the general public.

      What software should I use to make a game?
      You can develop using any tools for any platform that you want. If you don't know where to start, check out the list of Jammer Resources.

      Can I make a board game, card game or other physical game instead of a video game?

      We'd love for you to join our local game development community, please join us!
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/CHCHGameDev
      Facebook: https://fb.me/CHCHGameDev
      Website: https://chch.gamedev.co.nz

      This event is brought to you by the Christchurch Game Developers Association, in conjunction with the University of Canterbury Game Dev Society, and with support from Screen Canterbury, CerebralFix, Yoobees College, the HIT Lab's AIGI, and our individual Patreons.
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      18+ only
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      Day into evening; not overnight. Exact times TBA.
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