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Clancy Duncan's Delta Squaron: Project Overscoped - Operation Wild Bravo

  • You can shoot guns
    You can shoot guns

English (English)

English, British (English, British)

MS Windows
The world is in dager. You play as John Duncan. Eliete special forces pipebomb insurgency bravo delta team ALL TRUE pratriots GO! There are bad guys. SMoke them.

As you complete your mission, you will recieve attachments to upgrade your gun.

This game is 100% crash proof and will never crash. The world is in your hands agent Clancy.

Use WASD to move,
Shift to sprint.
Right click to aim down sights.
Click to shoot.
R to reload.

Kevin Kang, James Anderson, Tyler McGarvie - Art
Steve Rodkiss, Oliver Coates - Code
Ryan Schaare - Audio
Kelso du Mez - Level Design

Technology Notes
GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Trello, VS Code