Setouchi in Kagawa announcements

GGJ24瀬戸内会場 in 香川

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2024年も香川県でのGlobal Game Jamを開催します!今年は善通寺市にて.




追記: 連携会場として「瀬戸内会場 in 広島」 も開設されました! 瀬戸内地域の広域でもりあがりましょう!



In 2024, the Global Game Jam Setouchi in Kagawa will  be held in Zentsuji-city, Kagawa Prefecture! We are currently accepting participant entries!


You can register here!


What a surprise! For the first time in Japan, the game jam will be held at a general hospital! The intersection of medicine and cutting-edge game development will take place at Shikoku Children's and Adults' Medical Center.

Developers of not only digital games but also analog and board games are welcome. If you're interested, please join us!