Setouch in Hiroshima

    • Hiroshima venue for global game jam is back!

      Participation Requirements:
      Anyone who has started or wants to start game development can participate! It's open to a wide range of people, from students and experienced developers to complete beginners who have never done programming before. Beginners are welcome, but please come prepared with the necessary software and self-study related to game development. Even those with zero months of experience can join a development team, so if you're unsure about participating, please contact us. Participants are required to bring their own laptops for work and preferably their own power strips.

      Preparation for the Event:
      - Game Concept Development: On the first day, there will be a 3-hour ideation session called "Idea-Thon" to come up with game ideas. From those ideas, a one-page concept document called "Peracom" will be created, and teams will choose the game they want to create (team allocation may depend on the number of participants). Development of content with age restrictions (such as kidnapping, murder, explicit content) is strictly prohibited. If you've never created a concept document before, please watch the video "Let's Create a Peracom for Game Jam Takahashi 2023" by Wanwanwan from the Okayama Unity Study Group.

      Tools and Materials:
      - For those planning to create digital games: Participants using development software are required to have the following versions installed in advance:
      - Unity: Latest version of Unity 2022.3 as of January 25, 2024.
      - Unreal Engine: Latest version of Unreal Engine 5.3 as of January 25, 2024.
      - Godot Engine: Latest version of Godot Engine 4.2 as of January 25, 2024.
      - Scratch: Can be used with the version available on the official website. Please note that the use of the latest features is not mandatory. Please consult within your team to determine the appropriate version to use.
      For those who want to learn more about game jams, please watch the videos of the Game Jam Takahashi 2023 Pre-Study Meetings on YouTube.
      (VR/AR/MR devices, gamepads, homemade electronic devices, etc., are also welcome.)

      - For those planning to create analog games: Please prepare your own tools for crafting. Some tools such as scissors and cutters may be available, so please inform us in advance. Regarding materials, please consult in advance. For on-site procurement, there is a store called Kimori Gazo in the event venue on the first floor. There is also a 100-yen shop within a 10-minute walk. Feel free to use them.

      Other Notes:
      - The created content will be publicly shared, including source code, on the GGJ official website.
      - Photos may be taken for publicity purposes during the event. Please contact us in advance if you do not want your face to be shown.
      - If it's difficult to participate from the first day due to work, studies, or part-time jobs, it is okay to join from the second day morning (there are some limitations due to team formation, please understand).

      Venue Information:
      - Event Location: Nijiiro Lab, Kimori Gazo 2nd Floor, Hiroshima, Japan.
      - Facility: Guest WiFi is available. However, please install large assets or tools in advance as the bandwidth is limited. Power outlets should be shared. There are no sleeping facilities, so please bring your own sleeping bag, eye mask, earplugs, etc. Eating and drinking are allowed, but please avoid food with strong odors. Please refrain from bringing items larger than suitcase size. High-temperature devices, open flames, smoking, and overnight access are prohibited. The venue will be locked at night.

      Nearby Facilities and Access:
      - Access by JR train: Get off at JR Haida-ichihama Station
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