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Mooon-ron Madness
Moooo-ron Madness

"Moooo-ron Madness" invites players into a surreal adventure where they become the dreamer behind a cow's slumber. As the protagonist, ...

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Cooking Royale

A 4 multiplayer party minigame where you must be the first to cook some "Frijoles Charros"!! Join a game controller, use A / Cross / Sout...

Dia del Payaso

Eres un estudiante nuevo en la escuela para Payasos, en ella te cuentas a varios payasos con los que pasaras momentos divertidos, pero solo uno de ell...

Carnival Chaos

Carnival Chaos is a VR game where you enter a cake fight against clown cats inside of a circus tent, Dodge their attacks while moving around to find...

Larry Zone

Larry, a food delivery man has received an order, everything was well until he took the wrong turn and ended up in front of a convenience store in the...