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Cooking Royale

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Game Diversifiers
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Mouthing Off
Modern Blacksmith
We Just Call Them Wings (Cultural from Buffalo, NY, US)
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
A 4 multiplayer party minigame where you must be the first to cook some "Frijoles Charros"!!

Join a game controller, use A / Cross / South button to grab the ingredients and X / Square / West button to throw stuff!!

Throw your ingredients in the pot without repeating them to win!!

Beans ar ready to go, just launch them into the pot!!

Jalapeños and onions need to be cut before placing them in the pot, put them in the knife machine before throwing them!!

The chorizo / sausage not only needs to be cut, it also needs to be cooked so after cutting it fry it in the pan!!
Technology Notes
We used Autodesk Maya for 3D modeling.
For sound design and music compositions we used Sybelious and Reaper.
The pixel art was done using Asesprite.