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Vicious Topdeckery


English (English)

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Lunch Special
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Vicious Topdeckery is a Singleplayer Card-Game set in a generic fantasy Land. You are Riven, a young Bard who set out to insult God themself.

Use Vicious Mockery to battle through multiple stages of enemies, chain combos and laugh in the Face of adversity! You can only play two cards per turn, so choose your moves carefully.

Drag and drop Cards, attacks can be played on enemies, Blocks and Draws on yourself.

Sadly, we weren't able to finish this project, but it sure was a learning experience.
Technology Notes
Clip Studio Paint, FL Studio, Git hosted by GitHub
Installation Instructions
1. Download
2. Extract Archive
3. Start ViciousTopdeckery.exe