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Testing Patience

  • Testing Patience Intro
    Testing Patience Intro
  • Testing Patience Bowling
    Testing Patience Bowling
  • Testing Patience Puzzle
    Testing Patience Puzzle
  • Testing Patience Hub
    Testing Patience Hub
  • Testing Patience Ending
    Testing Patience Ending

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
[The Stanley Parable meets Goat Simulator with a Gun!!!]

Welcome to the examination test subject number 44, today you're joining the research and development department of a strange new technology that will solve all your problems. Jump, shoot, and blast your way through this strange testing ground and prove you're worth as you break puzzles and enjoy the wacky world.

NOTICE: This game is best with audio!


Keyboard Controls:
WASD to Move
Mouse to Look
Spacebar to Jump
Left Click to Shoot
Left Shift to Sprint
Escape to Close Game [no warning or anything lol]

Xbox Controls:
Left Stick to Move
Right Stick to Look
A/Y to Jump
Right Bumper/B/X to Shoot
Left Bumper to Sprint

Features: A Gun, A Narrator, Explosions

Known Issues:
Not all sounds work perfectly, so balancing might be a little funny
In the Push Block Puzzle, if you shoot one of the many blocks out of the level without destroying it, you will be softlocked... sorry.
Installation Instructions
Targeted for Windows, Unzip the file and run StanleysGoatGun.exe
Or play online in browser at: