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Tentative schedule announced for GBGJ (Global Game Jam at Green Bay) 2024

Submitted by Ben Geisler on

Hey all, we have put up a tentative schedule on the main site for GBGJ 2024.  This includes the speakers we will be having and the schedule for Friday thru Sunday.  Also if you haven't joined our discord yet- please do so here:

Can't wait.  See you soon!

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    • This is our seventh time running the Global Game Jam in the Green Bay area. Over the years, we've made many games together. Professionals, hobbyists and students coming together- sometimes in nearly equal amounts! Plenty of space to work and crash. Pizza. Twitch streams. This is the stuff jams are made of.

      We are proud to be co-hosting the site with professors from UWGB, and to be sponsored this year by UWGB, E-Line Media, and Thawed Codebase. As always we will start at 5pm on Friday and we will have speakers for the first hour of the jam followed by a projected video of the jam theme. This will be followed by an hour of brainstorming and then jamming all weekend (the jam site is open 24hrs a day from the time we start until the presentations). We are securing pizza to be provided on Friday night and Saturday night. There will be a culminating "show and tell" session at 3:30pm on Sunday in the main area of Urban Hub.

      Tentative Schedule: (approximate times)
      FRIDAY JAN 26
      5:00PM : Show up at Urban Hub
      5:15PM: Intro talks: TBD from Urban Hub
      5:30PM: Intro talks: Chris Williams from CGIM, UWGB
      5:45PM: Intro talks: Ben Kvalo from Midwest Games
      6:00PM: Intro talks: Rachel Pang from E-Line Media
      6:15PM: Intro talks: Ben Geisler from E-Line Media
      6:30PM: Theme reveal!
      6:45PM: Brainstorming hour (pizzas too)
      7:30PM: Impromptu Pitch sessions
      8:15PM: Team forming
      8:30PM+ Game Creation

      All-day: Jamming! Game creation, etc.
      TBD : Twitch steaming and dev interview sessions***
      6PM: Pizza

      SUNDAY JAN 28
      Morning: Jamming
      1:00PM: Suggested pre-final "wrap" time: QA the game look for/fix last bugs
      2:30PM: Suggested final "wrap" time: upload to jam site, cut a video, etc.
      3:30PM: Show and tell in the main area*
      5:00PM: Game playing time (optional)**

      Additional notes:

      *For show and tell be prepared to show your game to everyone. You can ask for people to play your game if you want but sometimes its easier to have one of your team members do it. Try to keep your showing off to apx. 10min. We will probably organize a "sign up sheet" this time to keep things moving.

      **Gaming time is new this year, we'll see how it goes. The idea is, this is a time for other people to play your game! After show and tell go back to your team area and designate someone to be there to help play the game, everyone else walk around and play some games (you can have "shifts" if you want). We are leaving this as an optional session since usually by 5pm on Sunday everyone is pretty tired. We'll probably be around until 6pm or 7pm though, so feel free to take advantage of this new activity if you want people to try out your stuff!

      ***Also, throughout the jam we will be streaming jam/interview sessions via Twitch (details pending, but the online presence this year should be leveled-up). In addition, we will be actively using the discord server for GBGJ! Join anytime before the jam or during the jam, we tend to be pretty active even before the jam begins. The site is:

      Our host location is a cool one, its a co-working space in downtown Green Bay, near the brewery and near many restaurants. From the urban hub website: "The Urban Hub is a modern co-working space and programming hub located in the heart of Downtown Green Bay. It is professionally managed by the Greater Green Bay Chamber. The Urban Hub features the fastest Internet available in Green Bay and is conveniently located in the Railyard Innovation District. Members enjoy the convenience of booking spaces in real-time, easy invoice payments, and an array of amenities. On-site resources and memberships are driven by the unique needs of the modern entrepreneur and remote worker."

      We're exited to be here again at this space with plenty of room, side rooms for jammers, meeting areas and even sound booths! There are plenty of quiet areas too, for sleeping bags and such if you intend to stay the full 48hrs.

      Last year we filled to capacity, so be sure to sign up soon.
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