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Surviving Stand-Ups


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Mouthing Off
MS Windows
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Welcome to Surviving Stand-ups, the game of strategically entertaining waves of picky crowds.

Jokes fall into different categories that have benefits and weaknesses. People in the crowd like certain jokes and dislike others. Managing this is essential to keeping the crowd satisfied.

Here are some important things to know:

Jokes generally cost Energy to use and replenishes a bit every turn.

Some jokes provide Overcharge which acts like energy that does not carry over to the next turn.

Emotion is a special resource that lets you use certain types of jokes.

Health protects you. If people start getting tired of your jokes they will throw things at you and hurt you. Desperate jokes with
props cost health to use, these are funnier but damage yourself in the process.

Suspense is a special state the crowd can enter where jokes land better.

You will participate in many Sets throughout the night. After each Set you can add new Card(s) to your deck, preparing yourself for the next Set. Each Set consists of Turns where you tell jokes, people get a little tired each turn.
Installation Instructions
Open and run the application