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Stand-Up Showdown

**Presentation Description:**

Welcome to "Stand-Up Showdown" - a revolutionary stand-up comedy simulation game that takes you on a hilarious yet challenging journey between the stage and the audience! This innovative title brings three different modes, each with its unique challenges and dynamic experiences.

1. **Offline Mode - "What if...":**
- In this mode, the player steps into the shoes of a stand-up comedian facing the audience. Choose your jokes wisely as you'll face double responses to each. The goal is to annoy the audience to the point where they start throwing objects at you. Dodge them, maintain your health, and if you manage to finish your repertoire before losing all your health, you win!

2. **AI Mode - "Hot Laughs":**
- Here, AI generates jokes, and your task is to find the worst joke and irritate the audience. Each correct assessment earns you points, and each miss brings you closer to elimination. How will you face the challenge of guessing the right funny punchline?

3. **Advanced Mode - "Stand-Up Creativity":**
- This mode takes the player a step further, allowing them to create their own jokes. Record your stand-up, and let AI evaluate the audience's reaction. Can you come up with something funny yet so cringe-worthy that the audience loses patience?

"Stand-Up Showdown" is not just a game but also an innovative experience that blends humor, challenges, and creativity. Will you become the king of the stand-up stage, or will you end up with eggs on your head? Join us on this comedic adventure and find out!