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Stand-Up with Death


English, British (English, British)

MS Windows
You died and are given a chance to live again, but only if you win a stand-up competition against Death themself.

A ghost finds himself in an endless nothingness, with but a light above his head.
Soon after, they spot something in the distance: a table behind which stands a vague figure.
As the ghost approaches, they see the figure for what they are:
The Grim Reaper.
The ghost pleads the Grim Reaper to let him return to life.
The Grim Reaper agrees, if only the ghost accomplishes one thing:
To beat them in stand-up comedy, with the judges being angels and demons alike.
The world around them transforms into a stage, countless eyes peer at the two figures...
And the ghost remembers they have never made a good joke in their life.

The player gets 8 random words, 3 constant words and 2 constant punctuation marks. They must mix and match the words to maximize the audience's approval (Score).
At first, it is very easy to win them over, but each time you succeed, it gets harder and harder...
Can you help the ghost win the stand-up comedy competition, and return to life..?
Menu: Left Click to begin, Right Click to exit.
Intro: Space to skip.
Game: Left Click to interact with the words, piecing them together. When you build your perfect joke, Finish your Turn by pressing the button.

Dominik Jolić: programming
Lucija Soldo: 2D and 3D assets
Ivan Vuković: programming and 3D assets