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Goose Chase Frenzy


English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Embark on a laughter-filled adventure in "Goose Chase Frenzy," a fast-paced game where you control a mischievous goose dodging a relentless pursuer. Navigate through vibrant environments, using intuitive controls to outsmart the pursuer with clever maneuvers. Enjoy the comical chase as the frustrated man's attempts become increasingly humorous, and savor the infectious laughter of the triumphant goose when it successfully eludes capture. "Goose Chase Frenzy" is an uproarious pursuit filled with excitement and endless possibilities—can you lead your feathered friend to victory and outwit the persistent man?

<a> <d> for moving left and right.
<w> for jump.

You must avoid people to keep alive.

Have fun :)))