GGJ University of Waterloo Game Dev Club

MC 2034 (left) and QNC 1502 (right)
      The site is located at room 2502 in the Quantum-Nano Centre in the University of Waterloo. Participants can attend in-person or online. The Game Development Club Discord server will be used as the main platform where participants can communicate with the hosts and each other, as well as view presentation live streams.
      Anyone is welcome (save for GGJ age restrictions); from beginners to experience jammers.
      The physical jam site will be two rooms in The University of Waterloo. On the 25th, the site will be building Mathematics & Computer in room 2034 and open from 5pm-7pm. The remainder of the jam will take place in the building Quantum-Nano Centre room 1502. QNC 1502 will be open 6:30pm-8pm on the 26th and 10am-8pm on the 27th & 28th. During these periods, participants are free to work in person at the site. Participants are welcome ask for help in person or on the Discord.
      Participants should bring any equipment needed to make their game, and have their food covered for meals (aside from lunch on the 27th and 28th). Desks have power outlets in them, so participants can bring chargers for their devices.
      During these periods, we will have presentations or QnA's related to game development from guests or members of the Game Development Club. These may relate to game jams specifically or game development in general.
      At 12pm on Saturday and Sunday, we will serve pizza and soft drinks / juice as lunch. At registration, we will ask participants about any dietary restrictions so everyone is accommodated.
      At 5pm on Thursday, we will have an opening ceremony and theme reveal, followed by team building and the start of development. On Sunday, submissions close at 5pm, after which, we will have a closing showcase for all the games made. Participants are encouraged to present what they made.
      The venue is a university lecture room, and so is easily accessible by public transport, close to food places and safe. Please note that MC 2034 has a very limited number of power outlets but QNC 1502 has ample outlets in the desks.
      As a club, we try to have a game jam every school term. We want jams to be a way for beginners to get into game development and for more experience people to hone their skills. Having guest presenters not only gives participants a break from work but can teach them something new and inspire them. Most importantly, we want it to be a fun event where people get to be creative.
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      25th: 5pm-7pm (MC 2034), 26th: 6:30pm-8pm (QNC 1502), 27th&28th: 10am-8pm (QNC 1502)
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