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Pull My Finger: A Bean-Based Survival Game


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Full of Beans (Sponsored by Tranzfuser)
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
A top-down, 2D game where you harness the incredible power of beans to stave off hoards of admirers who are inexplicably attracted to you.

Prepare yourself for epic music and foul farts. No win condition currently - see how far you can get!

- R/L click to fart - you have 2 active item slots and an item in waiting.
- Each type of bean has a cooldown and a limited supply.
- Brown cans are regular beans, green are one of a few special types.

Play on for post-jam updates!
Technology Notes
We used:
- UE 5 with Paper ZD
- Pro Tools
- SFX were a combination of original and
- Tilesets from an pack by LimeZu
- ElevenLabs AI voice generator for the narration

Special thanks to Candi Carpenter for cowriting/vocals and Aaron Kessler for the blazing guitar solo.