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Me, Myself and the Little Hairball

  • Visual novel screen wit UI-elements at the top corners, narration at the bottom, and the Hairball-character in the middle.
    Screenshot of the game UI.

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
I lived alone in my own home until one day a strange hairball creature appeared somewhere in my apartment. I tried to yeet it out several times for days, but eventually gave up. After all, it was harmless actually, and in a way even cute-looking, so I decided to adopt it from then on.

In the game, the player's choices affect the well-being of the character and their new pet, and you have the opportunity to influence the outcome of what happens to both of you. Perhaps you will manage to keep both of you in such good shape, that in the end you will feel that the effort is worth it. OR! After all, both of you come to exactly the opposite conclusion. The choice is YOURS!

(made in ren'py)
Installation Instructions
Game executable: a PC (windows) build of the ren'py project. Download, extract, execute.