Past Games

We had a cool idea about a game where you affect people's smart devices, which influences them. Does the human use the machine, or does the machine control the human?
A game of air hockey between gritty contesters, where you can lose your attire and find some new. Prepare for interesting new fashion combinations.
This is a voice-controlled game where you control a flying drone that gathers raw materials, which are processed into components.
Take a deep dive into a child-like imagination. Build a fort from everyday items, and see it come to life - just as you imagined!
Spread the joy of trance across the universe. Use spacebar to move your shield and block incoming beat missiles!
You try to summon a great evil to the world with a summoning ritual. However cultist wolves are trying to disrupt your ritual.
This game is about cats playing, and about game-creating KAT students of our school. It's a simple and abstract jam game. The game was inspired by the "mu" of Zen Buddhism.
What you do changes how you think about yourself. How you think you are affects your very being. A simple game (WASD and mouse) about going to places, venting your anger and also about personal gr
Turn Based Roleplaying Game set on plane of Aeternitas where Lord of Bane, Draco Mundus has managed to pin down the Lord of Devotion, Ryusaki Ume. Player needs to help Kyuubi through Serpent cave into safety...