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Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
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Moon & Swoon
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The mages of the Moonflower Clan have found a dragon egg!
For centuries, there were no sights of dragons, so they could not be happier about the discovery.
However, soon after the little dragon hatched, something horrible happened.

The king, who deeply detested magic, tracked down the Moonflower Clan, whoms members were hiding the dragon from him, to keep the newborn safe.

The evil monarch captured the little dragon and locked him away in his castle, where no magicians were allowed to enter.

In desperation, the Moonflower Clan hatched a risky plan to overthrow the evil king and free the little dragon.
Lory Lagician, a skilled mage of the clan, was to disguise themselves as a jester. He would infiltrate the royal castle and find a way to free the dragon.
The mission was dangerous, but it was their only chance.

Programming: Johann Bartel
Art/ Animation: Dorothee Kroll, Macekin, Lara-Marie Bläsing, Martin Werner
Story Telling: Jana Luksch
Sounddesign/ Musik: Johannes J. Kross
UI: Jana Luksch, Johannes J. Kross
Technology Notes
Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, Unity, Blender, GitHub