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Laugh'Em Out


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The ultimate stand-up comedy simulator.
Be fun or be canceled.

You're the comedian, armed with nothing but your wit and a mic. Navigate through gigs, reading the room and dropping jokes that'll either have 'em rolling in the aisles or rolling their eyes. But watch out! Cross the line and you might just get canceled. It's all about the art of the chuckle without the buckle. Remember, in this game, your punchline could be your lifeline.

Game goal: collect as many score points as you can before you get canceled. There's no escape :(
How to score points: make jokes appropriate for the audience. If you score 3 successful jokes in a row, you get them at the floor!
How to play: a good joke is made of two subjects and a storyline. Just keep mixing jokes and try to keep up with the audience's taste.
Installation Instructions
Open the link and play online.

Or unpack the ZIP archive and navigate to the "bin" folder for executables for your OS.
You'll need Java installed on your system to run the game.