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Joker Cards

  • Putting together a joke in Joker Cards
    Come up with hilarious jokes!
  • Judges' reactions in Joker Cards
    Pay attention to the reactions!
  • Getting a score in Joker Cards
    Put your comedy skills to the test!

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
GameMaker (any product)
You are a comedian and you've got to impress the judges with your hilarious material!
Each round, combine cards from your hand to put together a joke.
The judges all have their preferences, so pay attention to their reactions to earn the most points!
Technology Notes
- Aseprite for art
- jsfxr for sound effects
- Audacity for sound effect editing
Installation Instructions
Unzip the provided .zip file and run the executable inside.
Your computer's antivirus may stop the file from running - on Windows, this can be fixed by clicking More Info -> Run Anyway.