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Elephant In The Room

  • Elephant In The Room - Intro Scene

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Sharing is caring - (Sponsored by Github)
Vocation Rotation
Forrest Gump
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Elephant Physics Puzzle Platformer that makes you laugh.

Sound Effects by/from "" and "".
Icons from, by "Guard13007", "Delapouite", "Lorc" and "sbed".
3D Models taken from Kay Lousberg (
Free Stylized Skybox by Yuki2022 (
DOTween (HOTween v2) by Demigiant (

Narrative - Forrest Gump: The character only has the "Yes" option in all dialogues with NPCs. The elephant is asked in the beginning if he could bring some random person a glass of water from the top floor of a gigantic skyscraper

Sharing is caring The Elephant in the Room is on Github

Vocation Rotation: Our 3D artist is usually a programmer
Technology Notes
Created using Unity and built for WebGL.