Past Games

You are the Blacksmith of a small town but in this small town a BIG brawl is going on with weapons breaking left and right. In all of this chaos there is no time for formalities.
Are you home yet? After arriving at home in the evening, coming from a hard day of work/university/gamejam, the very first thing you do to feel at home is ... turn on the light.
This is an unfinished music game. To play use [A], [S], [D], [F] and [G]/[Space] to jump to the corresponding lane. You loose the game if you hit more than 3 obstacles.
Run on a ship into your doom
You are the circle. Yes. Your character is the evil circle on its way to hell. It's a one button game, and you can grow by adding more members to your circle on your way.
Point and click adventure about the amazing adventures in the everyday life of drug users. Use your skills, imagination and your knowledge about drugs to know what do next.
You find yourself trapped in a cube-shaped room and need to find a way out. What do we do now?
A totally normal guy tries to escape the Dodgeball Hospital.
Our game was designed as a co-operative multiplayer-game (mg) for two players. The intention behind was the idea to design a game to increase individual skills of teamwork without communicating verba