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Dreams in danger: The adventure search for Manfred


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
As a baby, you are fast asleep in your cot. Suddenly you are torn from your sleep. Your favourite teddy bear Manfred is gone. Go in search of him. Make your first attempts at walking. Crawl skilfully through your nursery to reach your teddy bear. But be careful, your nursery is full of dangers and mysteries. Use everything you can find to get Manfred back and go to sleep with peace of mind.


Game Design - Aileen Berger, Adrian Bröckerbaum, Anna-Katharina Findel, Dzhuliya Gerasimova, Luc Keil, Merle Plaßmeier, Sainab Sakhzada, Sebastian Siebert, Leon Unger
Narrative Design - Aileen Berger, Dzhuliya Gerasimova, Merle Plaßmeier, Sainab Sakhzada
Programming - Aileen Berger, Adrian Bröckerbaum, Anna-Katharina Findel, Leon Unger
Level Design - Dzhuliya Gerasimova, Luc Keil
3D Art - Luc Keil, Merle Plaßmeier, Sebastian Siebert
2D Art - Dzhuliya Gerasimova, Sainab Sakhzada
UI Design - Dzhuliya Gerasimova, Sainab Sakhzada, Leon Unger
Sounddesign - Aileen Berger, Johannes Kross
Producing - Sainab Sakhzada
Installation Instructions
Download ""-File, extract it and start "Babyboomer.exe"