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Doggo vs Doggo

  • Game scene (when 2 players join)
    Game scene (when 2 players join)

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
3D Territorial game. Split Screen between 2 player.
Players have to mark their territory by peeing on as many things as possible. Players need to collect drinks and food in order to pee and poo. In a given amount of time, the player who marks the most territories won the game.

Player 1: Press 'enter' to join the game; Use WASD to control the dog, mouse to control the camera, hold shift to pee, right mouse to poo.
Player 2(controller): Press 'start' to join the game; Left stick to move, right stick to control the camera. Hold L2 to pee and R2 to poo.

(1/29 10:40am update: updated descriptions and add a screenshot of game scene) to the page
Installation Instructions
Use keyboard + Controller
Launch Exe in the builds folder