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Chemical Chaos!

  • Several Chemical Chaos cards with different coloured recipe and ingredient cards.
    A screenshot of a few sample cards in Chemical Chaos!
  • A group of people around a table playing Chemical Chaos!
    Play test of Chemical Chaos! at Windsor Hackforge.
  • An ingredient card: Jelly Beans.
    An example ingredient card.
  • A recipe card: Sweet Talk Tonic.
    An example recipe card.
  • An instant card: Experimental Cure.
    And example instant card.

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Full of Beans (Sponsored by Tranzfuser)
Sharing is caring - (Sponsored by Github)
What you don't know can't help you
Moon & Swoon
A fast, funny, printable party card game full of silly ingredients, dangerous recipes, hilarious side effects and a fun time with friends. This game was designed to be quick to learn and full of laughs for groups of 3-6 players. Average play time 60 minutes.

Created by Keegan, a game maker in grade 6, with his mom and adult supervisor Sherri.

This game includes accessibility accommodations including alternatives for physical activities.
Installation Instructions
Unzip the files and print the printable card PDF and instructions.