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Chaos Clinic


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Based on a True Story
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Get ready for bureaucratic bedlam and a touch of wicked pleasure in the realm of medical bureaucracy! Step into the shoes of a mischievous hospital administrator, sending patients on whimsical quests for doctor's notes, creating chaos in their plans while skillfully avoiding faults.

You play with your mouse. You can drag the documents over a table to organize them better.
Open the book by clicking on it. There you will find the documents needed for certificates that the patients need and schedule of doctors' offices. Click on a document title in the book to tell the patient that they need to bring it. Then give all the documents back to the patient.
Your goal is to trick them as much as possible, leaving them without their certificate at the end of the day. Send them to closed offices, for the unnecessary documents, enjoying the wicked pleasure of bureaucracy!
But be careful, if you send them for unnecessary docs or for docs they already have, you may get too many faults! So you might want to give them their certificate already!
The work day is over at 16:00.