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Booty Hero


English (English)

Language neutral

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
All For One
Based on a True Story
Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Play the booty bongos!


S - left cheek center
W - left cheek top
A - left cheek left
X - left cheek bottom

K - right cheek center
I - right cheek top
L - right cheek right
, - right cheek bottom

S and K control the main menu, press both at the same time to select.

- The "quit" option doesn't work yet. Please use Alt+F4 (responsibly) or just don't be a quitter!
- "How to" doesn't work either. You don't need instructions on how to tap that booty anyways.
- Once you enter the "credits" screen you won't be able to leave it again. Refer to the info on quitting above.

We've got a handy editor if you want to create your own "beat" mappings:
Due to time constraints here is how you get them into the game (through the Godot editor, didn't manage to make it sideload the files yet either):
- take the booty file you get from the "export" button, rename .booty to .zip
- unzip the contents into an existing folder inside the "songs" folder
- enjoy your booty slappin' masterpiece

We've created our own BBC (Bouncing Booty Controller) and we highly encourage you to do the same. We've used two accelerometers, some wires and an arduino, you can find the sourcecode along with everything else in our linked repository (game website link).
For the greatest experience fill two balloons with water, put them in a small bowl each for containment and slap the accelerometer on top of them. We held them in place by a stick-on bra made of silicone over the accelerometer but you can just use tape.

How does the game fit the theme? Well, it certainly made us laugh. All the time. When we came up with it, while we made it, and when we played it.
Technology Notes
- Raspberry Pi Pico (custom Booty Bongo Controller)