Past Games

Our jam game, Neon Blades, has you taking the role of a katana-slinging supernatural exterminator who is jumping and slashing to dispose of evil spirits and phantoms in a haunted school. Controls:
You LOST your colors, go FIND them. Your lights will show you the way. Best the LOST-maze and FIND your way out.
Fix the Fuwashima nuclear power plant!
"One night, I lost everything I owned and cared for. So I searched for a new place to stay.
A story about a lighthouse keeper working his daily routines. His only connection to the outside world is his radio, he enjoys the tranquility of his island.
A simple platformer where in addition to your regular movement controls you control the visibility of the platforms with the amplitude of your voice.
This is the story of Leter Pustig. Leter lives on a small island. He has NEEDS. And he has to fulfill his needs. On his island there are several opportunities to do this.
FOR THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS GAME, PLEASE HEAD OVER TO (The game hosted on this site is what we accomplished within 48 ho