Yann Roar

Past Games

Did you know: in Quantum Physics, objects have characteristics of both particles and waves. Now what if I told you that you can control those shifts between particle and wave behaviors with a simple
You woke up in the attic, surrounded by the old furniture and dusty walls. Mysterious creatures lurk around the corners - they're seeking you.
You're a cyberpunk blacksmith, and you need to repair a LOT of weapons! For maximum restoring power, you wanna get into a flow and press the forging buttons following the patterns on-screen. Ev
Your home has always been the happiest place on earth. Your father, your mother, your 6 year old sister and yourself, a 12 year old boy, have always loved and cherished each other, within these hea
Lead your Ploum-Ploum through this dangerous world all the way to safety. Transmitting what you learned to your peers will be your greatest weapon!
● EN: Until Wave is a tower defense versus game for two players. As Sam or Max, two 5 year old kids, wage a ruthless war from the heights of your mighty sandcastle!

Hearty Games