Vincent la Cawotte

Past Games

In NPC you are a Non Playable Character, your work is to help aventurers who want to clean and to fix their weapons and armors faster and faster. Can you follow the flow?
Follow the beat and create your shape with your magic drum and use it to build a shelter to protect your friend from the rain in this funky colorful universe. ---Game pad needed to play the game---
A 3D isometric puzzle game where the player must fix a glitched sound file by changing the position of lenses in the scene and shooting a laser through them.
This is a party game where 4 anxious people are stuck in a room with a light powered by the only battery in the house during a storm.
You are two cops in a mission to prevent a suicide. Out of ideas, one solution remains : Dance ! A game for 2 players (or 1 hardcore dude).