Past Games

Home is where you live, you better keep home clean. Especially if you have a mother who is scrupulous! Your mom is arriving shortly and there are 5 things in your room which she hates seeing around.
A magical adventure and duty to save the crystal meth to keep the magical tree transmitting the high stuff. Fight your way to the end and use resources wisely.
1st place award winner game at GGJ Tartu, Estonia. Mind stone is an educational TPS/RPG game where enemies fought solving various multiple-choice questions.
An FPS game, where we control a robot with technological and physical skills, 6 in total.
2nd Place Award of the GGJ Ege Game Site. Two thives are new in town. They want to steal something from an office.
1st Place Award of the GGJ Ege Game Site. We are the baby alone at home. But the weird thing is we have psychic abilities, to move objects and scale them.
3rd Place Award of the GGJ Ege. Play as a white blood cell that fights against various viruses in the circulatory system. Download Link: