Global Game Jam Pärnu 2024


Pizzakiosk Pärnu at Global Game Jam Pärnu!

Submitted by Karel.Al on

Our amazing sponsor Pizzakiosk Pärnu will support us with free pizzas!

Imagine a slice where every ingredient is chosen for its excellence, mixed with care and love - that's the Pizzakiosk Pärnu promise!

So, let's raise a slice to Pizzakiosk Pärnu, who support Game Jam Pärnu with their mouth-watering pizzas!

Global Game Jam Pärnu 2024
    • Timeline

      Friday 26.01.2024
      19:00 Game Jam opening

      Saturday 27.01.2024
      11:00 Coffee break
      13:00 ReadyPlayerMe workshop Unity
      14:30 ReadyPlayerMe workshop Unreal Engine
      17.00 Coffee break

      Sunday 28.01.2024
      11:00 Coffee break
      13:00 Pizza time- provided by Pizzakiosk Pärnu
      16:00 Start uploading your games
      17.00 Games presentations

      In 2024, Global Game Jam Pärnu is proud to join forces with esteemed pillars of the game development industry:

      • Full Cycle Game Academy: An incubator of gaming excellence, Full Cycle Game Academy nurtures the next generation of game developers with comprehensive education programs. Their hands-on approach empowers students with the skills needed to create the future of gaming.
      • Gamecan: More than a game studio, Gamecan is a tight-knit team Here, passion for Unreal Engine drives the creation of deeply engaging gaming experiences.
      • GameDev Estonia: The heart of the Estonian gaming ecosystem, GameDev Estonia is dedicated to fostering a supportive community for developers. They are a driving force in coordinating the advancement of the gaming industry across Estonia, representing a spectrum from indie developers to major companies.

      Mentors: Be inspired and guided by the best: Full Cycle Game Academy's talented lecturers, Gamecan's Unreal Engine experts, and leading names from Estonia's game industry.

      Experience last year:

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