Past Games

A VR Golfing & Space Exploration Experience. "Mankind tamed fire, and with fire came the forge. From the forge came the club. Humans tamed the lands.
The world is gray, chaotic, and crazy. You're a bit lost and want your life to be chill. You walk around, clean up the trash, plant flowers, and make friends.
Grab your friends and a tool! Play as Deer, Dino, Piggy, or Raccoon in a race against time to save your ship.
Unicorn Valley is a 2D platform game about juggling roles to keep up your startup alive and launch your next venture. If you run out of runway, it's all over.
In this 2-player, networked VR game, play as Frog or Bear to run the Intergalactic House of Pancakes. Prepare breakfast from an extensive menu of just pancakes and grapefruit.
Team up with a friend to play this multiplayer asymmetric game 10000 leagues under the sea. Computer player plays a sidescroller game and dodges all manner of sea creatures.
Silence of the Slugs is VR-enabled game about sacrifice.
"We had some good times together. Why did you leave?" Navigate through a dark labyrinth to find the scattered pieces of your memories.
*UPDATE* This game has been worked on past the game jam. We're raising money on Kickstarter and are showing at the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games!
Yarn Ball is a 2D puzzel game where you play as a ball of yarn in a dark labyrinth. With every step, you run out of string. You can travel through the labyrinth by hooking onto pins scattered throughout.